Khmer Food

Traditional Khmer Food Restaurant
Our traditional Khmer food restaurant is located in the pub street of Siem Reap
where we serve a fresh flavors of the local dished with delicate texture, complex
aromas and culminating to masterpiece of healthy and fine art of each dished its
a true traditional Khmer cuisine and famous place in Siem Reap, allow us to treat
your experience here we open for early lunch 10am to 11pm daily.
To treat your early lunch find us here!
Happy Hour:
$0.50 draft beer from open to close
Operation Hours:
10am – 11pm daily free wifi
Khmer Cooking Class:
Let’s put chef apron and hat on you to learn our Khmer cuisine cooking class for
your takeaway gift, we will provide a recipe for cooking and methods plus a
certificate signed by our executive chef.
Tel: +855 15 9999 22